Florida Honey Bees
Bob Youngblood Nucleus
Nucs currently available are Cordovan, New World Carniolan and Kona Hawaiian from a certified breeder queen.
Ask about limited quantities of Orange Blossom, and rare varietal Palmetto Honey in large mason jars.
 2450 84th Ave Sw
Vero Beach, Fl 32968
please call first
"broodhead"  beesource.com name

Florida Nucleus Hives
One of 6 bee nuc yards next to Bob's residence.
They are by Vero Fly In Ranches area, surrounded by many acres or Palmetto, Sable Palm, and Brazilian pepper.
Clean practices, strong colonies, and full sun keep pests at bay
Beekeepers everywhere are developing localized, mite-resistant bee stocks.
A short video (4:15) of Bob explaining one his nuc yards.